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Energy giant Schneider Electric manages its PR marketing using Wiztrust, a PR marketing tool that helps you improve you communication and save time everyday.


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  • Omnichannel communications can be easily managed from one interface
  • Automating your PR and marketing is now simpler than ever
  • Teams put their schedules back in control thanks to Wiztrust

Adress your audience, protect your image, better your PR Marketing. Discover Wiztrust.

A platform created by and for professionals


Organise and centralise your resources, build your custom media library, improve your content and speakers’ SEO, optimise your contact databases. 


With Wiztrust, secure information in the blockchain, protect your company and its directors from disinformation and adopt the “trust mark” of the market leaders.


Create newsrooms, plan campaigns targeting your audiences through all channels (e-mail, social media) and organise your activities and events.


Optimise your press reviews, assess your communication's performance, automate and visualise your reporting, improve results by exploiting your data's true depth.


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Wiztrust is THE integrated communication platform for corporate professionals.

Prioritise your activities thanks to a clearer view on your assets.

Manage your communication thanks to a collaborative platform for you and your team.

Certify your corporate communication thanks to our blockchain-backed technology, Wiztrust.

Save your team and yourself some precious time.

Learn more about Wiztrust in our case study.