Corporate misinformation and financial hoaxes

New Edition June 2023

Many companies and mainstream media outlets face a growing challenge. How to ensure trust in an era of escalating misinformation ? Publicly listed companies and financial institutions are the most exposed to these rising threats. It is quite a challenge in the era of chatbots and other Al applications. 

In this white paper, we assess their level of sophistication, from a simple forged press release to complex schemes to gain access to well-protected IT systems or to generate "artificial" content thanks to new Al applications. When it comes to finding loopholes for profit, the ingenuity of hackers is limitless.

Download the whitepaper to learn more :

  • Profile: Who are today’s hackers? What are their motivations? What methods do they use?
  • Case: Which companies got hacked? What are the consequences of corporate news hacking?
  • The role of AI in fake news and the role of the AI chatbots

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